The New Children represented by Brandt New Agency

I´m happy to reveal that my debut novel ”The New Children” is represented by Brandt New Agency.

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About the novel ”The New Children”
What happens when all the new children being born aren’t normal?

‘I’ve killed a child.
That’s what they tell me in the police station interrogation room. Inside my head, I’m screaming.
It wasn’t a child I killed. It was something completely different. Can’t you see that?’

No children are being born and the world is in shock. After a few years, women begin to get pregnant again, but the new children are not like children used to be. They don’t play games or show emotions, they only watch silently. Against her will, Rakel becomes involved when she kills one of the new children. She is among the first to realize that the new generation is a threat to humanity’s very existence.
More children are born and they develop faster than normal humans. After a brutal incident at work, Rakel escapes: From anxiety and betrayed love, seeking solace in drink and the company of strangers. Until she discovers something …

Reviews for “The New Children”:  (Translated from Swedish)

The New Children by Boel Bermann (Brandt New Agency) New new


About Boel Bermann
Praised, dystopian debutant author who combines her interest for fantasy, science-fiction and horror, developing world famous video games.

Kalla Kulor Förlag, Sweden, 2013, 205 pages
Original Swedish title: Den nya människan
Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Book trailer for “The New Children” (Swedish trailer)

About the author: Boel Bermann

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