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Ända sedan klockan hade stannat stod tiden stilla. Det hade dröjt länge innan hon märkte det. Dagarna gick, dygnen och årstiderna passerade. Men inte tiden. Det var först idag hon hade insett det. Hennes morgontrötta sinne försökte fortfarande omfamna vetskapen, famlade och slant i sitt grepp om den … [Läs mer...]



I forget how many gods I've cursed or praised How many times the story's changed No nation left to call my home again Can no longer recall my name But right here in this clearing the fever leaves me I'm no longer running away I know these … [Läs mer...]


Empire Tide

  The darkness falls, the shadows are looming She has not come here to fight The brotherhood guarding their secrets Shielding the eye of the night Watchful men with firefly lanterns The flickering light is a shroud Patient blood … [Läs mer...]

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City of Ancient Spires

Leaving the mountains of weed We’re battered and wounded but still in one piece Rest here, unburden the beast We are reaching the untraveled fields Some god must have heard our calls The wind of the east cannot pass here at all Nothing can breach these towering walls So, it isn’t a myth after … [Läs mer...]

Rodents call

Here we stand on newfound land catching rays of morning Sunlight Been so long without solid ground beneath our feet The river rushes heavy and wild as we stride into the forest Then something snaps, a branch trap set up in our way Howling wildly, smelling of tar, the armed raiders rush towards … [Läs mer...]

Black Giants

You lost a loved one A path takes a turn You’re fighting grief as your enemy Surrounded by dark woods The black lakes of calm Is this a place of peace or of agony? You see nothing but they watch you from below No more than a glance and they know Your pain makes them reach for you Black … [Läs mer...]

Beneath the Grass

In your garden we abide We stretch our branches higher When the year is through, we´re counting zero mileage And when the autumn comes We shed our leaves in silence Nothing left to keep us warm when winter finds us But soon one day these roots will start growing We will shatter your front … [Läs mer...]

Striden om den fertila kvinnan – Aftonbladet Kultur

Karin Svensson om ett klassiskt grepp inom feministisk science fiction. I författaren Boel Bermanns bok ”Den nya människan” (2013) blir alla jordens invånare först infertila, innan en ny sorts människa börjar födas. De nya barnen beter sig på ett sätt som först verkar omänskligt, innan Bermann … [Läs mer...]