Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep – Swedish science fiction

The short story collection ”Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep” has released! 26 short stories from the new wave of Swedish speculative fiction writers awaits you, prepare for a journey into the unknown.

Forget about cheap furniture, meatballs and crime fiction. Sweden has so much more to offer. ”Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep” contains stories from the new generation of Swedish writers of science fiction. Stories ranging from space horror and post-apocalyptic nightmares to tender dramas. Stories with steampunk horses, android uprisings and cheeky goblins. Stories that are action-packed, wise, silly, beautiful, surreal and horrifying.

I’m contributing with the short stories ”The Rats”, as well as ”The White Ones” exclusively for the free e-book sample.

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The free e-book features three stories:
”Punch Card Horses” by Jonas Larsson
”Vegatropolis – City of the Beautiful” by Ingrid Remvall
Bonus story exclusive to the free sampler: ”The White Ones” by Boel Bermann

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Short Stories:

”Melody of the Yellow Bard” – Hans Olsson
”The Rats” – Boel Bermann
”Getting to the End” – Erik Odeldahl
”Vegatropolis – City of the Beautiful” – Ingrid Remvall
”Jump to the Left, Jump to the Right” – Love Kölle
”The Order of Things” – Lupina Ojala
”To Preserve Humankind” – Christina Nordlander
”The Thirteenth Tower” – Pia Lindestrand
”Punch Card Horses” – Jonas Larsson
”The Philosopher’s Stone” – Tora Greve
”A Sense of Foul Play” – Andrew Coulthard
”Waste of Time” – Alexandra Nero
”The Damien Factor” – Johannes Pinter
”Wishmaster” – Andrea Grave-Müller
”Quadrillennium” – AR Yngve
”Mission Accomplished” – My Bergström
”The Road” – Anders Blixt
”Lost and Found” – Maria Haskins
”The Publisher’s Reader” – Patrik Centerwall
”Stories from the Box” – Björn Engström
”The Membranes in the Centering Horn” – KG Johansson
”One Last Kiss Goodbye” – Oskar Källner
”The Mirror Talks” – Sara Kopljar
”Keep Fighting Until the Machines Fall Asleep” – Eva Holmquist
”Outpost Eleven” – Markus Sköld
”Messiah” – Anna Jakobsson Lund

Publisher: Affront Publishing
Genre: Science fiction, speculative fiction, anthology, short stories
Language: English
Release date: May 6th 2015

Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep

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