Den nya människan – nu i ett dataspel

Min dystopi ”Den nya människan” har inspirerat events i dataspelet Crusader Kings II. Min arbetskamrat tyckte nämligen väldigt om boken och smög in en eventkedja i spelet med den senaste expansionen ”Sons of Abraham”, vilket han avslöjar i sin julkalenderpost på forumet, vilket känns fantastiskt och surrealistiskt!

”Little known fact about a Paradox Development Studio game: 
Paradox Development Studio’s very own Boel “Regina” Bermann recently got her first novel published; ”The New Man” (it’s great, read it!), which inspired me to write a sort of Easter egg event chain for Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham. It’s very rare to see it happen, and you need to play as a non-Pagan, but if you’ve seen the movie Omen you’ll know what’s going on…”

En av våra spelare med forumnamnet Galloglasses skrev om vad som började hända i medeltidssimulatorn Crusader Kings II, och postade en väldigt levande beskrivning av när event kedjan tar fart i spelet:

Utdrag ut From Holy Kingdom to Unholy nightmare
”Thats about the time I had my daughter, Sebdan, the child of SATAN.
I am not kidding, when she was born I got the event chain showing off her odd traits, being very quiet, not crying or giving fuss, creating buzzing noises when around other children and laughing when other people got hurt. So I went to the court chaplain to see if he could calm my obviously insane idea that she is the bastard child of Satan. He of course, did not such thing and confirmed my fear and told me to disinherit the child and imprison my wife as a witch. My options where to kill him to silence the rumours, do as he said or ignore it and pretend nothing is wrong, roleplaying a good and kindly king who could not fathom his wife and daughter being such evil creatures (and being so damned sure Paradox would never do something like actually follow through with the threat of a satanic overthrow of a kingdom) he of course ignored it all.”